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August 15, 2018.

Boats 2018 one of those societal shift years, in the same way that we consider 1968 to have been? Could be...might take till 2020 to make that judgment call.

Meantime, some interesting changes:

  • in the past, boating in these protected waters of this part of the Pacific Northwest Coast (the part of Georgia Strait now known as the Salish Sea) was very common. Large or small, sail or power, to set off to Desolation Sound, trying out small anchorages en route, was an established summer outcome for city dwellers. Charters were also a viable business model. Now, marinas up & down this coastal region are less busy, fewer large boats are in evidence, and those who kayak or paddle board are now in the majority. Is this a Millennial thing? Seeking experiences, not wanting to be tied to large expensive (purchase & maintenance) items? One can lease and do a bare boat charter. Or, if a kayaker, it sits on the car rack and can go anywhere desired by the user...a lean business model. Hmmm.... Change, in any case.

  • it's now known that anytime one uses Google, one's exact location is pin-pointed. Does this matter? Does it matter that the easy central "hub" in the home is always on, can "connect" with all our smart appliances, can listen in on our conversations when it appears to be "off"? Where does the information gathered go? Is it just a stream-lined intrusive marketing ploy, or is it about control? Marshall McLuhan alerted us in the 1970s that the medium is the message. Perhaps we need to revisit his work, with our post-Internet eyes?

  • the sharing economy is most obvious with airb&b, uber and lift...accommodations and transportation. What about 3-D printers making warehouse storage facilities obsolete? What about the empty malls as online shopping further destroys a previous sales model? What about the lack of an editing function with online news? Many people think what they see on the internet must be so. Hmmmm..... So, information available off your smart phone brings you the world...but it also isolates are a single user searcher. We are social animals, according to that Ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle. So, how does it work out, if currently it's data searching but in isolation?

  • block chain technology is worth taking a look at. It may have repercussions for currencies (crypto currency models are perfecting), and is an acceptance of the idea of one repository for all information. Is this the total end of privacy as it was known even as recently as 2000? Are machines already faster/smarter than people? Robotics is key to this...machine learning is big business. Some time ago, someone working in the field of artificial intelligence posed a question: will machines look at humans as pets or pests? Hmmm.... We may be, it appears, in the midst of a science fiction documentary.

    Lots to ponder...and it's only August.

    Maybe it's lucky that the Islands Trust was created in 1974, to preserve and protect the Gulf Islands. The natural environment was protected from growth. Perhaps, though, the real gift of the Trust was that it also preserved a 1974 way of life...based on authentic community.

    Lots of opinion on the Islands...but also great underlying community spirit. Conversations (arguments) take place in coffee anonymity here! Someone in trouble? The Islanders are there to offer help, asap.

    Hmmm...maybe a blueprint to model out? I call such apart-yet-connected regions "pocket places".

    Welcome to Salt Spring's pocket!

    August 10, 2018.

    Dock and view
    Mid-moments in summer-summer are underway. The entire season (late Spring to early Fall) is the very best that the great Pacific Northwest Coast can offer...with authentic summer being its amazing self.

    The Southern Gulf Islands are in the heart of some of the best protected boating waters in the world. Sail, power, kayak, paddle board, canoe...delight yourself with the many coves, bays, sweeps of beach, private islands that you will see on your water meanderings of these islands.

    Hiking/walking is your pleasure? On Salt Spring? Choose from: Ruckle Park, Mt Erskine Park, Channel Ridge trail system, Mt Maxwell Park, Harrison-Baker-Quarry trail system, Burgoyne Bay Park, Mill Farm Park...all a little different.

    Beachcombing is your thing? Vesuvius, Fernwood, Beddis, Drummond Park, Beachside...sunsets from some of these gems! Ocean swimming, too.

    Lakes to swim in? Weston, Stowell, Cusheon, St Mary. Ahhhh...the tide is always in.

    Yes, it's really true...Salt Spring is captured in 1974 (thank you, Islands Trust). Wherever you stay (hotel, motel, resort, B&B, vacation rental, tenting campground), you will enjoy a yesteryear experience. No "big box" environments here....

    A foodie paradise awaits: farmgate stands, super restaurants choosing local ingredients, farmers markets, vineyards/wineries, cideries, olive grove, craft brewery...yes, yes, and more, please!

    The rhythm of the Island is grounded in artistic expression. Painters, potters, ceramic artists, musicians, sculptors, fabric artists, writers, dancers, actors...this is an authentic artists community. Check out ArtCraft, ArtSpring, Ganges galleries, inspired.

    Summer-summer is full of delicious offerings to tempt you...catch your vibe! The clock is ticking towards Fall.

    August 7, 2018.

    Exceptional lots/ your dream on one of these gems. Asking from $299,000 to $699,000. Call me!

    Delightful Sunny Semi-Oceanfront
    Here is a rural semi-oceanfront opportunity on the tranquil east side of special Salt Spring Island! A lovely open and sunny 1.22 acre parcel (year round!), with a generous amount of land on the oceanside - main house site on the upside portion.

    Delightful Sunny Semi-Oceanfront
    Panoramic views, lovely walk-on beach at low tide, and you can keep your boat on a mooring buoy (seasonal moorage), if desired.

    Delightful Sunny Semi-Oceanfront
    A great opportunity!

    Walk to Ganges Acreage
    Looking for a sunny oceanview acreage?

    Walk to Ganges Acreage
    Drilled well and roughed in driveway in place. Bring your architect and let's walk this one soon.

    Sunsets from this gem!

    Walk to Ganges Acreage
    Walk or bicycle to Ganges Village, plus close to indoor pool, to high school, to many walking/hiking trails. All of Ganges' many services/amenities are close by...close to beach accesses, too, for warm ocean swimming.

    Create your dream property here, and enjoy the special Salt Spring Island lifestyle.

    Isabella Point Oceanfront
    Beautiful waterfront parcel (1.60 acres) with wide-angle view over Fulford Harbour. This is a continuation of the Fulford Valley and is open and sunny.

    Isabella Point Oceanfront
    This property has a rural ambiance yet approximately 11 minutes to Ganges Village and 5 minutes from the ferry.

    Isabella Point Oceanfront
    Opportunity to build a lovely family retreat.

    2.23 Acres near Town
    Sunny 2.23 acres on Churchill Road. Walk to a great beach! Walk to Ganges. Close to all amenities.
    2.23 Acres near Town
    Build your dream or purchase as an investment.

    Ganges  Two Acre
    Lovely 2 acre property, walk to all of seaside Ganges shops & services.

    Ganges  Two Acre
    Bring your architect and walk this one soon.

    A central, convenient location for your dream home or island getaway.

    August 2, 2018.

    The B.C. Day holiday weekend is this coming weekend...time to enjoy the pleasures of Salt Spring!

    Art is your passion? Be sure to check out ArtSpring's gallery offerings. Don't miss ArtCraft (in Mahon Hall)...this annual showcase features over 100 Gulf Island artists. Pick up a copy of the Studio Tour map at the Visitors Centre and visit the artists at their home studios. Enjoy the Ganges Village galleries: Venter Gallery, Fault Line Gallery, Gallery 8, Steffich Fine Art, Pegasus Gallery of Fine Art, Jill Louise Campbell Gallery, Salt Spring Gallery of Fine Art. Be inspired!

    Love the natural world? Walk or hike Ruckle Park, Burgoyne Valley Park, Mill Farm Park, Mt Maxwell Park, Channel Ridge trail system, Mt Erskine trail system. Views, forest, the peace that the natural world gifts us with.

    Always wanted to kayak to Chocolate Beach? Now's your moment! Scooter or electric bike tour of the Island? Why not?

    Saturday Market, special weekend events, swimming at Drummond Children's Park beach, at Cusheon Lake, at Vesuvius Beach, at Fernwood Beach, at Bader's Beach...enjoy!

    Summer patio dining? Auntie Pesto's, Piccolo's, Salt Spring Inn, Rock Salt, Moby's, Treehouse, Twig and Buoy. Coffee stops with patios/decks? Fernwood Cafe, Cafe Talia, TJ Beans, Barb's Bakery, Auntie Pesto's. And your faves are? Share!

    It's the last holiday weekend of the summer-summer season...catch the special Salt Spring vibe.

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