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Blog, Thoughts & Market Musings

by Li Read, 2022

September 3, 2022.

Early September eases into real Fall.

Mount Baker Through The Trees

Fog over the Harbour and threading through forested hills...a softer morning and evening, with summer afternoons...smooth seas and Orcas on the move, exciting kayakers and paddle boarders with their sudden is also a season of “mists and mellow fruitfulness” (as the poet Keats reminded us).

Mount Baker Through The Trees

Catch the local produce at farm gate stands, at the Tuesday Farmers Market in Ganges Village, and the famous Saturday Market continues. Wine tastings at the vineyards, cideries and craft brewery are open. Enjoy the patios and decks around the town...the coffee stops...special harvest menus and dining with a view.

Thinking of visiting? It’s the perfect time of year to give yourself the gift of “time out”.

Mount Baker Through The Trees

A resident? It’s also civic election time (mid-October voting)...time to pay attention to those running for office and to think about outcomes for the next four-year term. Be informed...and vote.

Mount Baker Through The Trees

Meantime: September spells the magic of lush harvest. Beauty is everywhere on the Gulf Islands. Catch a sunset at a beach. Watch the geese formations winging south. Starwatching is a Fall gift. Enjoy!

The Gulf Islands & The Beauty Shimmering Around Us

August 2, 2022.

Mount Baker Through The Trees <

Summer-summer invites us to pay attention to the beauty shimmering around us.

Salt Spring and the Gulf Islands breathe blue, that lovely French blue palette, of sea and sky. You know...the hue that makes us dream.

It’s a short season. Remember your Omar Khayyam (“the bird is on the wing”), and give yourself permission to enjoy this season’s ease....

A kayak meander here, a sunset beach there, a drifting across a lake on a paddle board, an ice cream cone on a dock, a coffee at a seaside patio with a view...pack a picnic and scamper down to Ruckle Park (always a good place to start).

The ferry goes back and forth, to and fro, and the floatplanes chortle in and out. The Harbour ripples through the marina.

Somewhere out there, beyond the horizon, everyday concerns pile up...summer-summer turns away...later is the mantra. It can all wait.

Right now, a seal slides past, an eagle ponders from a tree, and summer smiles over Salt Spring...enjoy.

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